About Us

We are a Taekwon-do Martial Art Club which started on September 22nd 2007. Our main aim is to give the children that extra confidence they need to cope in today's busy times. We have had great feedback from parents who say how much the confidence of their children has improved which helps them to cope with school life and the pressure that it can bring.

Our aim is to make students aware of some of life's problems and how to try and cope with these on a day to day basis. 

Since starting we have grown to about 170 students.

We inform students about the need to use a martial art for defence of themselves and others only whilst learning about the problems of bullying.

We have regular competitions for students who wish to enter, with the chance to win medals.

We give a student of the month award to the best student each month, and student of the year awards to the best boy & girl students.

Certificates are given for length of training times so the students get an achievement reward they can keep.

Our club is part of the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain - the largest Tae kwon-Do organization in the country. We have regular gradings (3 - 4 times a year with a set syllabus to follow) where one of the senior examiners comes along to asses how well the students are doing and, if successful, they are awarded their new belts and certificates at their next lesson.

From White belt to Black belt takes approximately 3 and 1/2 years.